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 The First  Couple of   LoversBond: 

Kelvin & Teleshia Delmar

Hello Love! 

We Are Kelvin And Teleshia Delmar!  We Have Been Married For Over 20 Years!

We Have 3 Children And A Dog And Here's A Sneak Peek Into How We Met And What Our Marriage Has Endured Over The Years.

We met “online” and started dating immediately. We were lovers for a year before Kelvin popped THE BIG QUESTION…..on a beautiful Christmas morning.

We had a long engagement, which was great for us because it allowed us time to actively participate in a 9-month premarital class (which was extremely beneficial to the success of our marriage).

We entered our marriage just like everybody else does..…with the thought that our love was so strong that we would be together forever. But the reality is this…..we struggled a lot in our first few years of marriage and we even talked about getting a divorce. Now, we can honestly say that we are so grateful that while there were many tough days, we didn't throw in the towel and give up on each other or our marriage. And now, our marriage is better and our love is stronger than its ever been!

So, what makes us so special?

We did not have a lot of positive marital influences around us

Growing up, neither one of us had positive and strong marital relationships that we could learn from. Kelvin was raised in a 2-parent home where his mom and dad ran a successful business but they lacked a loving relationship. Teleshia was raised by a single mom where she did not have the luxury of knowing what it was like to see a healthy marriage.

And guess what?  We realized that our upbringing did not help to prepare us for the realities of married life.  We also realized that we were not alone. We learned that there were plenty of couples who didn't know how to have a clean argument. There were lots of twosomes who were stuck and couldn't seem to get back to that place where their heart used to flutter. There were tons of life partners who didn't know how to manage the daily grind with kids, in-laws, and financial woes. And yet, there was no real place to go online to learn successful marital tips from a couple who was experienced and relate-able. Well, not until now....

That's why we created LoversBond, so that spouses like you can have a safe place to learn, be encouraged and supported, and grow stronger in your marriage.

Now, let's be real clear. Yes, we still get on each other’s nerves at times; and yes, we still argue at times, but we now know how to manage the good, the bad and the ugly of our relationship and we want to help you do the same!

So, use us to help you strengthen your relationship so you don’t give up too soon before you're able to reap all the benefits of the time and effort you've invested in your marriage.

Teleshia Delmar

Our marriage has not seen it all. But we've seen.....

  • Job loss
  • Major surgery
  • Infertility
  • Two 2nd trimester miscarriages
  • Strict 5-month bed rest with multiple hospital stays
  • Immediate and extended family conflict
  • Living like roommates, sharing space, kids, and bills with little emotional or physical connection.
  • Managing very different personalities on top of the job, kids, kids' activities, & house stuff.

"Because we didn't quit when times got crazy hard, even when there were no feelings of love and respect for one another, our marriage is stronger than ever!"

That's why we want you to join the LoversBond community with us. This is the best place where you’ll have access to someone who will be a listening ear for you, who won’t judge you, and who is willing to share tips to help you have a long-lasting and happy marriage. We sincerely want to be a resource for those who want a resource. Let us serve you.