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Being a wife and mom is a very big job!


And it's time for you to put yourself at the top of your to-do list so you can save your sanity and increase your peace in just 20 minutes a day!

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You love being a wife.

You love being a mom.

But what you don't love is the fact that 2020 got you weary, worked up, worn out or weighed down; and yet,

you've been seriously struggling with setting aside time just for YOU

to take care of your own physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  

You want to put yourself at the top of your to-do list but with everything going on, you feel guilty for even thinking about taking any time for your own self-care.

Look, I get it.  

Your life is normally busy and everything that came with 2020 didn’t help! The extra burden feels like an extra ton of bricks on your shoulders.

What you thought would be a lot more quality time spent at home with your favorite people has turned into disorder and you not having enough "me-time".

You're trying to hold it all together for the sake of your family, and it's getting harder and harder.

But the good news is that we're heading into a new year and this is a perfect time and opportunity for you to commit to taking better care of YOU! 

In just 20 minutes a day!

So, please join me, and other wives across the nation in the 

DNA of a Happy Wife® 5-Day Self-Care Challenge.

This challenge is designed for the wife who is busy being all things to everyone else but needs to be something great to herself. 

So, if that’s you, let’s take care of you right now.  

And the icing on the cake is that this challenge is FREE!  

So, let’s do this!

The DNA of a Happy Wife®

5-Day Self-Care Challenge will help you:

  • Regain peace of mind so you can fly free from frustration.
  • Release your happy hormones so you can shake off the stress.
  • Refresh your attitude so you can keep calm when something pushes your buttons.
  • Recharge your battery so you can tackle your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Reconnect your mind, body and soul so you can fulfill your sexuality without feeling fatigue.

Hi Wifey, I'm Teleshia

I am a wife of 19 years. My hubby and I have a successful marriage (although I couldn't say that 13 years ago).  We have three kids (a bonus child, a biological child, and an adopted child) and a 4-legged Cane Corso.  

There's no doubt that 2020 has been a doozy of a year. I've been trying to manage this new normal and if I can be honest with you, it's been driving me stir crazy too.......and that's putting it nicely.

My mission is to teach wives the DNA of a Happy Wife® so you can love yourself more, unlock the secrets to the best husband hacks, and have a passionate marriage that is ignited with intimacy and overflowing with affection.

And for this challenge, that's what I want us to work on....loving ourselves more because you can’t have the DNA of a Happy Wife® if you’re weary, worked up, worn out, or weighed down.


That's why I created this challenge, to help wives like me who need to put yourself in timeout and love up on yourself with self-care strategies for your own physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, well-being.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the challenge and how long is it?

The challenge will start on Monday, January 11, 2021 and will end on Friday, January 15, 2021.  The challenge will run for those 5 consecutive days.


What should I expect during this challenge?

You should expect to receive an email in the morning (around 7am ET) with your self-care task for the day.  You must plan your day accordingly to allow yourself 20 minutes to complete the task at some point during the day before you go to bed.

In the evening (around 7pm ET), you can expect me to be live in our private LoveMates Facebook group where we will be talking about the self-care task for the day, why I gave you that task, and I want wives like you to share your results about how that self-care task made you feel.  Note: If you can't make the live session in the evening, it's okay, don't let that stop you from signing up for the challenge and completing the daily self-care tasks.  I would definitely love for you to catch the replay at your convenience because it will be beneficial for you to hear the training to further elevate your wife life.


Will I have a chance to ask questions about me or my specific situation?

Absolutely, yes.  There are two ways you can ask questions:  1) When I send you an email each day during the challenge, you are welcomed to reply to the email with your questions.  2) When I go live in our private LoveMates Facebook group each evening, you are welcomed to include your questions in the comments section and I will answer them, right there on the spot.


Is this challenge free?

Absolutely, yes.  This challenge is provided to you at no cost.


Can I invite my married girlfriends to join this challenge?

Absolutely, yes.  The more, the merrier.  Please have your married girlfriends come to this page ( and enter her first name and email in the designated space, and she's in.  Note: Thanks for being a good girlfriend and inviting her along this self-care ride with us).


Should I tell my hubby about the challenge?

Yes, I think so. You can start by telling your hubby that you've been exhausted, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, and stressed out.  And as we enter into a new year, you want to take time during the day to do something that fills your cup so that you can take care of everything on your plate (including him) without feeling sluggish and downright tired. Note: This is just a guide, feel free to use whatever words that best describe your specific situation.

Be mindful, you don't want to leave your hubby with the impression that after the challenge is over, you won't need to take the 20 minutes for your own self-care each day. You may need to discuss with your hubby and kids that this is a new habit that you're forming and that you hope they understand why you're doing this, you would love for them to respect your decision, and that you would appreciate their encouragement and support.


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I am personally inviting you to fill your physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional tank with my 

DNA of a Happy Wife® 5-Day Self-Care Challenge.

The challenge is from 

January 11th to January 15th.

I will send you an email in the morning with your self-care task for the day; and in the evening, I want you to join me live in our private LoveMates Facebook group to discuss your results and how that self-care task for the day made you feel better.

So, what are you waiting for?  You know you need this.