Wives, are you ready to have an even better Valentine's Day this year?

A Love Letter

From One Wife to Another......

Dear Wifey,

Do you remember how it was when you and your hubby were dating each other?

You couldn't wait to see each other.

In fact, you would get goosebumps at the very thought of seeing each other again.

You cared deeply about how each other felt about the big stuff and the little stuff.

You couldn't keep your hands off each other.

You talked for hours and created fun memories together.

There was so much passion in your relationship!

Yes, over the years, the passion started to wane.

But, increasing the intimacy between you and your boo is what we plan to re-create with this

Valentine's Day

Increase Intimacy Challenge

Intimacy is not just about sex!

Intimacy is caring deeply for one another and constantly creating opportunities so you can grow closer to each other.

Achieving greater intimacy is about creating moments of laughter, spending quality time together, and being able to share your innermost thoughts and feelings with each other.

Enhancing marital intimacy ultimately creates less conflict, better sex, and more affection.  Is that what you want for your marriage?

You and your spouse have the power to shift the vibe of your marriage.

This Valentine’s Day will be so much more than just chocolates and flowers!

Set the stage for your and your hubby to fall back in love again.

This ✨FREE✨ 5-day challenge will help you and your spouse:

  • Spend QUALITY TIME with each other without all the distractions

  • Connect emotionally, mentally, and physically on a deeper level ♥️

  • Initiate conversational starters that will help you grow closer together

  • Retire those same 3 positions and create orgasmic sex that will blow your mind (and relieve some of that stress) 

  • Create a marriage manifesto affirming your NEW intentions and desires (in other words, hit the reset button)

What Some Wives Have Said.....

I felt so good after finishing this assignment.  I was relaxed and refreshed. It made me realize I need to do better and to improve intimacy with my hubby!!  Great assignment might be repeating that weekly!!

A.S. // Fayetteville, N.C.

Yesterday's challenge was so good that I'm doing it again tonight. Today, my husband kept trying to interrupt my work meetings!  This week has been great!

K.R. // Oakland, MI

I was going to send a picture when my baby saw how hot and sexy I was looking, he begin to take my clothes off and ladies you all know the rest!!!! Yesss, Yessss, and Yessssss.  I haven't been in the mood to do anything. This challenge has saved my marriage and my life.

N.M.  // Atlanta, GA

If you're going to lose sleep, let it be because you're having mind-blowing sex not because you're worried about your marriage.

It's time for you and your spouse to focus more on each other so you so you can take your marriage to a new high!

Signs you and your spouse are living like roommates with little connection:

  • You feel like business partners instead of loving partners
  • You have more transactional talks than connecting conversations
  • You are almost in a sexless marriage (you have to really think about when was the last time you had sex)
  • You have unresolved issues and you're walking around on eggshells without addressing the elephant in the room
  • You have what are supposed to be simple conversations that turn into heated arguments or silent treatments that leave you distant and feeling lonely.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity!


You missed out!

Hey Wifey, I'm Teleshia

I am a wife of 20 years.  I can honestly say that I am a happy wife in a happy marriage (although I couldn't say that many years ago).  

I work with busy wives who are past the honeymoon stage, struggling with balance, and living like roommates with their spouse, sharing space, kids, and bills with little emotional or physical connection. You're a GOOD wife, my mission is to help you become a HAPPY wife.

I am a certified life coach, a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  

I can't wait for you to give me permission to help you rediscover your romance and with this Valentine's Day Increase Intimacy Challenge!

What Other Wives Have Said.....

It gave me the confidence to speak up for myself, and let my voice be heard

M.M. // Washington, D.C.

This is fun and informative and it gives me something to look forward to this week.  Thank you. Just being a part of this challenge has made me feel like a winner!  This was an amazing experience!

L.N. // Omaha, NE

I am excited because my husband and I have a date night for Saturday night.  It's been a long time.

N.M.  // Houston, V.A.

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Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity!


You missed out!

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