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The “Power House” Wife

While you have some characteristics from all of the wife personalities, your primary wife personality is The "Power House" Wife.  The three words that I would use to describe you are:

  • Strong
  • Decision-Maker
  • Smart

The The Power House” Wife is the type of wife that is strong. You can handle a lot. You take charge, even when you don't want to, because you see what needs to be done and you get it done. You somehow manage to juggle it all.....hubby, kids, house, work, family, friends, and even some hobbies, while making it look easy.  There's no doubt that you're a smart cookie. You are knowledgeable and resourceful because you know how to research and analyze a situation. You're just wise beyond your years. In fact, that's one of the things that attracted your hubby to you. You're a decision-maker. You make a lot of decisions at home and at work, and even in your marriage. As a “Power House” Wife you understand that if one of you succeeds, you both succeed and teamwork is the key to any successful marriage. 

You are The "Power House" Wife and you should be proud of it!

So, what's next?

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