Coaching & Training Program

This 6-month comprehensive online program for wives (and wives-to-be) includes:

  • Training on my DNA of a Happy Wife® Protocol:
  • Break the generational cycle of dysfunctional marriages
  • Reduce your headache and your heartache so you don't lose your mind or your marriage in the process
  • Take care of the woman in you so you don't lose yourself and get the support you need
  • Get clarity on how to speak your truth (in a way in which he really hears you)
  • Get the courage to cool down heated arguments and maintain your peace of mind
  • Get the confidence to create emotional and physical intimacy and grow closer to your spouse
  • Vow 1: Prioritize Your Self-Care
  • Vow 2: Establish Your Expectations
  • Vow 3: Fine-Tune Your Friendship
  • Vow 4: Communicate for Deeper Connection
  • Vow 5: Fix the Friction
  • Vow 6: Tighten the Trust
  • Vow 7: Spice Up Your Sex Life
  • Vow 8: Finesse Your Finances
  • LoversBond Hub where you'll get your VIP Plus login information and virtual access to the materials
  • Live Q&A Sessions for laser-focused coaching on the spot to help you with your specific situation
  • On-Demand Recordings of all sessions to watch (and re-watch) at your convenience (so no worries if you miss a live session)
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment to assess your Happy Wife Proficiency
  • LoveWork Exercises complete with strategies you will implement immediately to help you get the results you're looking for
  • LoversBond® Library, a curated list of recommended books to read for deeper learning and extra reinforcement
  • Happy Wife Collective, access to a community of like-minded wives to share your success, challenges, and insights so you can thrive as a happy wife in a happy marriage
  • LoversBond® Journal, to capture your notes, your wins, your lessons learned, and your memories

Plus, depending upon when you enroll, you may be eligible for these fast-action bonuses!

  • FAST-ACTION BONUS 1: One-on-One Private Coaching Session
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS 2: Wifekit filled with self-care goodies, conversation starters, and intimacy igniters
  • FAST-ACTION BONUS 3: One regular ticket to the next DNA of a Happy Wife® Workshop