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Isn't It Time To Recharge Your Battery?

Being a wife and mom is a very big job!  

Are you worn out trying to balance it all?

It's time for you to take a breather from the hubby and kids and focus on YOU.


Without feeling guilty about it!

To register, submit your info below and you'll be all set.

Relieve stress in just 20 min a day!

Are You Feeling Like.....

You're losing yourself

You love being a wife and mom but what you don't love is the fact that you’re wearing multiple hats and you've forgotten to take care of you as a woman.

You’re pulled in so many different directions and you can’t even find the time to take care of you and do the things that you love to do.

You are worn out from trying to take care of everyone else, meanwhile, you’re exhausted and crying inside.

you've been struggling to balance it all

You want to ask for help but the very thought of asking for help makes you feel inadequate as a wife and mom.

Your hubby doesn’t help you like you want, so you’re left to pick up the slack.

You're tired of pretending that everything is okay because you know deep down inside its not.

You feel guilty just thinking about self-care

Every time you mark 3 things off your to-do list (and you start to feel good about it), 5 more things get added back on.

Work–life balance is supposed to be the equilibrium between personal life and career. It's never equal and it certainly doesn't feel fair.  

You feel enormous guilt whenever you're not focused on someone else's needs; meanwhile, you're neglecting yours.  

Why You Need To Do This Challenge

When you take care of yourself, you can serve your hubby, the kids, your job, and your friends from a happier place. 


Increase Your Peace of Mind

Take care of your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Learn how to sit in serenity. Operate from overflow!


Relieve Some Stress

E..X.H.A.L.E. Worry less about your to-do list. Do the things that will put a big smile on your own face.

Make yourself happy.


Get Your Confidence Back

Find your superpower. Live your best wife life. Look forward to each day. Do the things you love to do and feel good about it.

This Challenge Will Help You.....

  • Regain peace of mind so you can have more freedom and less frustration.
  • Release your happy hormones so you can shake off some of the stress.
  • Refresh your attitude so you can remain calm when someone pushes your buttons.
  • Recharge your battery so you can tackle your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Reconnect your mind, body and soul so you can embrace your sexuality without being too tired to get your own sexual healing.

And the icing on the cake is that this challenge is FREE!

So, let’s do this!

To register, enter your info below and you'll be all set.

What Some Wives Have Said.....

I felt so good after finishing this assignment. I was relaxed and refreshed! 

Made me realize I need to do better and to improve intimacy with my hubby!! Great assignment might be repeating that weekly!!

A.S., Fayettville, NC

Yesterday's challenge was so good that I'm doing it again tonight. Today, my husband kept trying to interrupt my work meetings! This week has been great!

K.R., Oakland, Michigan

I was going to send a picture, when my baby saw how hot and sexy I was looking, he begin to take my clothes off and ladies, you all know the rest!!! Yess, Yessss , and Yessssss. I haven't been in the mood to do anything.

This challenge has saved my marriage and life.

N.M. Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the challenge and how long is it?

The challenge will start on Monday, August 9, 2021 and will end on Friday, August 13, 2021.  The challenge will run for those 5 consecutive days.


Is this challenge free?

Absolutely, yes.  This challenge is provided to you at no cost. So, join in. It's going to be so much fun.


Can I invite my married girlfriends to join this challenge?

Absolutely, yes.  The more, the merrier.  Please have your married girlfriends come to this page (LoversBond.com/challenge) and she can enter her first name and email address in the designated space, and just like that, she'll be in.  

Note: Thank you for being a good girlfriend and inviting her along for this ride with us).


What should I expect during this challenge?

You can expect to receive an email each morning (around 6am ET) with your challenge to do for the day.  You must plan your day accordingly to allow yourself time to complete the task before you go to bed. The task can be done in 20 minutes (or less).

In the evening (around 8pm ET), you can expect me to be live in our private Wives Helping Wives Facebook group where we will be talking about the task for the day, why I gave you that task, and you're welcomed to share your results with the rest of the wives.  

Note: If you can't make the live session in the evenings, don't let that stop you from signing up for the challenge. You can catch the live trainings on replay at our convenience if you miss a session. 


Will I have a chance to ask questions about my specific situation?

Absolutely, yes.  There are two ways you can ask questions:  1) You are welcomed to DM me with your questions.  2) When I go live in our private Wives Helping Wives Facebook group each evening, you are welcomed to include your questions in the comments section and I will answer them, right there on the spot. 


What Other Wives Have Said.....

It gave me the confidence to speak up for myself, and let my voice be heard.

M.M., Washington, DC

This is fun, informative, and interactive and it gives me something to look forward to this week. Thank you. Just being a part of this challenge has made me feel like a winner

This was an amazing experience. Thank you.

L.N., Omaha, NE

I am excited because my husband and I have a date night for Saturday night. It's been a long time.

A.M. Houston, TX

Hi Wifey, I'm Teleshia

I am a wife of 20 years. My hubby and I have a successful marriage although I couldn't say that many years ago. We have three kids and a 4-legged 180-pound cane corso.

My mission is to teach wives the DNA of a Happy Wife® so you and prioritize your self-care, improve your communication, and elevate your wife life because that's what you need to get the peace and passion you need to be happy in your marriage.  

I'm all about helping wives win in marriage. That's why I created this challenge.....to help you find the time to take better care of yourself and without feeling guilty about it!

You have so much power residing on the inside of you; and I want to help you leverage your role as a woman so you don't lose yourself.  And once you find the time to sit in your greatness, you'll be in a much better position to positively influence your man and your marriage.  Let this challenge fill your tank!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

I am personally inviting YOU to refill 

your physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional tank with this

DNA of a Happy Wife®5-Day Self-Care Challenge.

 ~ I'm looking for ~

1,000 wives

who will give themselves permission to say yes to self-care.  

Will you be one?

Enrollment Closes Soon...


You missed out!

Monday, August 9 to Friday, August 13

In the morning, I will send you an email your challenge for the day.  You MUST complete the self-care task in the same day!

In the evening, I will be live in our private Wives Helping Wives Facebook group to discuss why I gave you that task and ask you how it made you feel.

You'll also get a Challenge Workbook to use as a guide and record your results. 

You know you need this!  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up NOW!