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The “Soft Spoken” Wife

While you have some characteristics from all of the wife personalities, your primary wife personality is The "Soft-Spoken" Wife.  The three words that I would use to describe you are:

  • Charming
  • Humble
  • Calm

The “Soft-Spoken” Wife is a mild-mannered woman of few words.  You believe that less is more. You know how to get your point across, often times with just a look, without yelling and all the dramatics.  You pick your battles and you are savvy enough to identify those issues that are really worth fighting over. You're a magnet. When you speak, your hubby leans in. And because you're not a blabber-mouth, your hubby knows he can trust you with his innermost thoughts and feelings. You stroke his ego and make him feel like a king on a throne; and that's one of the reasons why he loves you so much!  With all the ups and downs of married life, you manage to take it all in, and because of that, you have so much strength.  And you don't even brag about it.  Keeping the peace means the world to you and comforts you in your happy place!  

You are The “Soft-Spoken” Wife and you should be proud of it!

So, what's next?

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