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Out of an abundance of caution for this Coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 

I have decided to postpone the Wives Only Affair™ to a later date.

Given this unfortunate and unforeseen situation, I really hope you understand my intention to help you stay safe.

I am working with my speakers, vendors, and the hotel staff to reschedule this event as soon as possible.  

Make sure you join the waitlist to be the first to hear the news when I release the rescheduled date for this event.

Wives, This Event Was Designed With You In Mind!



Crystal City, Virginia

This WIVES ONLY AFFAIR™️ is an intimate but powerful full day experience to celebrate and empower wives!

It is time for wives to come together in solidarity to be honored for all of the sacrifices you’ve made to make your marriage work & to be inspired and supported to continue being the good wife.   

Quite frankly, you need to come because it's YOUR time!  It's time to pour into you.  So, say yes to getting the encouragement and relief that you need to keep it all together.

Want to hear what past attendees have said about this event?  Check out the video below.




  • ROAR. Come and learn strategies on how to keep your marriage thriving. You are sure to discover “husband hacks” that will help you foster a stronger bond with your bae. wives enter marriage with a false sense of what married life is like.  You’re trying to align your marriage to what your parents had, or what you saw on tv and the things that you’ve been doing are not getting you where you want to be.  You are different, your hubby is different, and we’re in different times so you’ve got to be intentional in building your marriage toolkit.  It’s about learning how to maneuver through sticky situations.
    RELAX. Come and unwind from your busy schedule and detach yourself from your to-do list.  This is your excuse to disconnect from everyone and everything so you can focus on you. As a wife, you are likely doing it all. Quite frankly, you may be doing it so well, that you probably make it look easy.  Who cares how you make it look, what matters most is how you do you feel. You’re super busy and you’re super tired. That’s why it’s even more important that you let this event be your calm. Use this event to help you relieve some stress (because you’re no good for anybody else if you’re running on empty).  Drown everything out and for this one day, so you can take care of you. It’s about putting yourself in timeout so you can get some self-care.
    RELATE. Come and connect with other wives and realize that you are not alone. Network with other wives and talk wives talk with other women who understand and speak your language. Many wives don’t talk about the ups and downs of married life, and you may feel all alone. The reality is that most wives share very similar struggles and situations, but since its not the thing that most folks want to talk about, you think that there's something wrong with you and your marriage. By attending this event, you will be reaffirmed that you are definitely not alone, and sometimes, hearing that other people also have had similar challenges in their marriage can sometimes make you feel better about your situation. It’s about having a strong support system of like-minded wives who also want a long-lasting and happy marriage just like you.
    RELEASE. Come and ask your marriage related questions in a safe place and allow Teleshia, the event host and Personal Marriage Mentor, to provide guidance for your specific situation. Married life can throw many unknowns your way, and you don’t always have someone to talk to. You’ve tried to handle it the best way you know how by doing this and doing that, but none of it seems to be working. You want to vent. Heck, you, you likely need to vent! Stop internalizing it all. That’s too heavy of a burden to carry. You will be able to ask questions (anonymously, if you like) in a safe and judgment-free zone. Because sometimes, you’ve got to talk it out and get expert advice to help you maneuver through your situation.  It’s about liberating yourself and getting laser-focused coaching in the moment to get your specific questions answered.
  • BE RECOGNIZED.  Being a wife is a very big job! So, come and be recognized for all that you do as a wife to maintain your marriage and to keep it intact. It's time for you to be celebrated for all that you do to be a good wife. I totally get how hard married life can be and I know that it is a job that is often thankless and underappreciated.  Well, not while you’re in my space. I use this event to gather wives together in a room and allow us to celebrate each other for all of your sweat, blood and tears you’ve expended to hold things down.  It’s about celebrating you for being the good wife! 

Imagine giving yourself permission to get self-care while leaving your to-do list at home.

Imagine walking away from this event as an even happier wife because you are in a better place.  

Imagine having been equipped and better prepared for the valley lows of married life.  

Imagine creating a new a community of other wives who understand you and can empathize with what you're going through.


When:  TBD.  Join the waitlist so you will be the first to know when we will reschedule this event.

Where:  Crowne Plaza Crystal City, 1480 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia

Parking:  Parking in the underground garage is included in the cost of your ticket.

Transportion:  The hotel is a 1-minute ride from the Crystal City metro (yellow) line.  Or, you can use the hotel's complimentary shuttle, with daily service to/from DCA Airport. Call 703-416-1600 to schedule your pick up.

  • Opening
  • WivesConnect
  • Session 1: The DNA of a Happy Wife™️
  • Break
  • Session 2: Pillow Talk: The Art of Orgasm 
  • Lover’s Delight (Lunch Provided)
  • Session 3: Love On TableTop Exercise Part I
  • WivesMatter 
  • Session 4: Love On TableTop Exercise Part II
  • Break
  • Session 5: #RelationshipGoals
  • Closing

Note: The agenda is subject to change.


I am a wife of 19 years and I am happy to say that I am a well-grounded wife. My hubby and I have a successful marriage (although I couldn't say that 13 years ago).  We have three kids (bonus child, biological child, and an adopted child).  We had so many ups and downs in our marriage and I'm so glad we didn't get a divorce like we talked about in the early years of our marriage. 

After quickly learning that being married is way more complicated than I thought it would be, I decided to invest in my marriage.  My hubby and I got counseling and I read plenty of marital books and conducted my own research to help me steer my marriage in a better place. I didn't realize that I was the one who had to do a lot of changing!  I had to help him, help me.  After what I had experienced and researched, I started helping other wives improve themselves and their marriage.

Out of all of that, I decided to create LoversBond.com to be a community for married couples who have a deep desire to grow closer in a way that will help them create a stronger bond and a happier marriage!  A happy marriage can only exist when there is a happy husband and a happy wife.  My job is to help you remove those mental, emotional and behavioral blocks that steal your joy so you can be happier.

I am a Certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  As a wife for 19 years and a Personal Marriage Mentor, my specialty is coaching spouses who feel (1) challenged because your marriage is just okay (aka blah); (2) disconnected because your marriage has lost the passion it once had; or (3) unfulfilled because your marriage goals have not been met. 

A few years ago, I created the Wives Workshop as a place for wives to gather and talk wives talk.  It was a success!  The wives who attended kept saying, “I love this!” and “We need to keep having something like this for us”.  So, while I changed the name of the event to Wives Only Affair™️, I didn’t give up on my idea, and now, I'm hosting my 5th event!  This event is a place where I uplift and inspire women to continue to be the best wife your husband will ever have. And I would be deeply honored if you allowed me to serve you.


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You must attend this event if you want to better navigate through the ups and downs of married life, expand your space, connect with other wives, & take time to nourish your soul!