ONLY $99 $87!

Why You Should Attend This Event:

The Wives Only Affair is a powerful 3-hour forum for wives to come together in solidarity to be honored for all of the sacrifices you’ve made to make your marriage work (even through those tough times when your hubby worked your last nerve)!

This amazing event is an opportunity for you to:

  • RELAX. Wind down from the stress of taking care of your hubby, the kids, the house, your job and everything else in between. 
  • RELATE. Connect and create a bond with other wives and really understand that you are not alone when you have to face challenges in your marriage.  Be a part of a community of passionate wives who also want a long-lasting successful marriage, just like you. 
  • RELEASE. Can you say, “fun”? We’ll be playing games (that’s one reason why it’s important for you to arrive on time). And these games are not cheesy…..they are freakin’ fun! 
  • ROAR. Now let’s talk about S-E-X.  YAAASSSSS!  Did you know that a lot of wives are in a sexless or almost sexless marriage?  Or, if you’re one of those wives who are lucky enough to “get it in” on a regular basis, a lot of those wives would rate their sexual encounters as “okay” or “good”. 

In other words, you must attend this event!

Only $99  $87!

The Details!

When:  Saturday, October 5th from 9AM - 12PM.

Where:  Hilton Garden Inn @ 10385 O'Donnell Place, Waldorf, MD 20603.

What Else:  There will be food & fellowship so you can network with other wives.

How Much:  The late registration price is $87.  


  • Welcome
  • Wife Appreciation Gift
  • Icebreaker Fun
  • Session 1: 4 Step Formula to Living Your Best Marriage
  • Icebreaker Fun
  • Session 2: Role Play Table Top Exercise
  • Break
  • Session 3: Let’s Talk About S-E-X
  • Light Lunch
  • Q&A
  • Closing

Note: The agenda is subject to change.

Your Host

Hi, I’m Teleshia!

I am a wife of 18 years.  And I am a happy, well-grounded wife.  My hubby and I have a successful marriage (although I couldn't say that 10 years ago).  We have three kids (bonus child, biological child, and an adopted child).  We had so many ups and downs in our marriage and I'm so glad we didn't get a divorce like we talked about in the early years of our marriage. 

After quickly learning that being married is WHEY more than I thought it would be, I decided to invest in my marriage.  My hubby and I got counseling and I read plenty of marital books and performed research to help me steer my marriage in a better place.  And after what I had experienced and researched on my own, I started helping other wives improve themselves (and their marriage).

And out of all of that, I decided to create LoversBond.com to be a community for married couples who have a deep desire to grow closer in a way that will help you create a stronger bond and a happier marriage!  And a happy marriage can only exist with a happy husband and a happy wife.  And my job is to focus on helping women become a Happy Wife.

I am a Certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  And as a wife for over 18 years and a Personal Marriage Mentor who coach wives who feel disconnected from their spouse and want to rekindle the connection, I know exactly how much wives go through to stay happy (and sane) while being married to someone who isn’t perfect.

A few years ago, I created a Wives Workshop as a place for wives to gather and talk wives talk.  It was a success!  The wives who attended kept saying, “I love this!” and “we need to keep having something like this”.  So, I didn’t give up on my idea, and now, I'm hosting my third event!  This event is a place where I uplift and inspire women to continue to be the best wife ever. And I would be deeply honored if you allowed me to honor and serve you.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Renetta D. Weaver

Dr. Renetta D. Weaver is two-time author and a social media correspondent. Over the past 20 years of her career, she has also enjoyed being a conference presenter and has used edutainment to educate while entertaining audiences worldwide.

Dr. Renetta has been a presenter at several international conferences including a girls/women’s conference in Senegal West Africa, the Annual National Association for Black Social Workers in Atlanta, GA, the Annual Air National Guard at Joint Base Andrews in MD, a speaker for a well-known Sorority in Delaware, MD, and a presenter for the Black Play Therapy Symposium in Arlington, VA. She was also a guest on the Real Husbands of Largo television show and will be the social media correspondent at the 2019 Visionary Author’s Summit in VA. 

At this year’s Wives Only Affair, Dr. Renetta will be teaching women how to have orgasmic S-E-X. The strategies she teaches will leave each wife with increased confidence and the desire to power up your sex life.  Attendees will understand the brain science behind intimacy and relationships and learn how to rewire your brain for pleasure in the bedroom.  Every wife in the venue will learn how to express your needs and desires with increased confidence. You will learn how to give and get sexual satisfaction and you will write your own permission slip to show up in the bedroom. Get ready ladies…. this session will be HOT!

Here’s what some women have said about

our past Wives Workshops:


Teleshia was a very good facilitator. She is genuine and has proven expertise to lead the group.


I love meeting other black women who are successfully married.


I like how we were sharing common issues and different ways each woman tackles the same issue.


The intimate setting was awesome and having various ages and backgrounds of the wives there was inspiring.


I love the fellowship, laughing, talking, and connecting with new people.


I just love, love, love the wives. The topics were excellent and the openness really made it special.

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If you want to better navigate through the ups and downs of marriage, expand your

space and connect with other wives, & take time to nourish your soul, then this

jam-packed 3-hour Wives Only Affair is for YOU.

You don’t want to miss this enchanting event!